Climate Benefit Concert

Climate Benefit Concert


Sat, Nov 5 '22, 7:00pm (IST / GMT +5:30)








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Kolkata, INDIA:Nov 5 '22, 7:00pm
Dhaka, BD:Nov 5 '22, 7:30pm
Paris, FR:Nov 5 '22, 2:30pm
New York, US:Nov 5 '22, 9:30am
London, UK:Nov 5 '22, 1:30pm
Sydney, AUS:Nov 6 '22, 12:30am
Dubai, UAE:Nov 5 '22, 5:30pm
Bangkok, TH:Nov 5 '22, 8:30pm


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Artists/Maestros Participating in the Concert: Shantanu Moitra (India), Nanook (Greenland), Dohar (India), Wams Klassic (Cameroon), Joler Gaan (Bangladesh), Rachael Baiman (USA), Soumyajit-Sourendro (India), Formidable Vegetables (Australia), Namita Raychaudhury (India), Lochan Rijal (Nepal), Aditi Chakraborty (India), Anubhav Dutta (India), Alec Lytle (USA), Pathetic Honey (USA), Passacaglia (USA), Arindam Dasgupta, Rituparna Tah, Ta Thoi, Subarna Bhattacharyya, Soham Saha, Sharmistha Ganguly, Jayashree Ray, Dr. Leslie Field, Prana Band (USA), Rupali Ghosh
Interview with Climate Leaders: Dr. David King, Darwood Zaelke, Dr. Peter Wadhams, Amory Lovins, Paul Hawken
Dance Films Participating in the Concert: Warer Bodies by Vikram Iyengar - Kunal Chakraborty (India), Form Within by Maria Jose Bejarano Salazar (Costa Rica), Limas Utopicas by Moyra Silva Rodriguez (Peru), Desarquite del Cuerpo \ Disarchitecture of the Body by Guyphytst Aldalai (Mexico), Pods by Prashant More (India)
MCs for the Concert: Hari Sreenivasan, Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee, Shooka Bidarian, Arindam Ghosh, Paroma Sanyal, Soumitra Das

The Save The Glaciers Concert is a global conservation celebration where we use the universal language of music and art to showcase the incredible work of leading conservationists and organizations from around the world. By highlighting solutions to get us back into balance with our planet, we hope to flip the current narrative about climate change and conservation from blame, anger, and doom to balance, positivity, and hope.

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